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Work with the rocks being in 1990 when the Ivanovo City Lovers Society-Kennel (IGOLS), and with the formation of the Russian Federation Canine (RCF) 26.06.1996. Was registered kennel under the name "BOLSHOE CHUDO"


A little about myself.

I Koryukina Irina, born in 1968, in 1990 received a diploma of a veterinarian, graduating Ivanovo Agricultural Institute from 1988 to the present day work is responsible for breeding dogs in IGOLS since 1996 - is responsible for branding dogs IGOLS and Since 2007 - Chairman of the Board IGOLS.

I am a judge, an expert in the RCF of breeds: Saint Bernard, Bulldog, French Bulldog, Pug, Pekingese.

Since 2005, heading the Bureau of National Club "Saint Bernard" in Russia.

The first Pekingese came to my house in 1981. Then I could not imagine that'll do professionally breeding this unique breed, the more so because it is not very easy, requiring significant knowledge of anatomy, genetics, conformation, a great experience imassy patience. Pekingese - is one of hard rock cultured due to their anatomical features, but all failures simply fade and the tears are forgotten when vidish fruits of their labor in the form of an unusually beautiful dogs, bringing joy to their owners. His breeding, I build on dogs, which were obtained in different degrees of inbreeding on brought Kabanova T.V. from England, black dog Delvin AFTA Duck .


The first puppies in my kennel were obtained in 1990. Today we have 10-15 litters per year and basically it is a dog breed class. In cultivation only healthy individuals sustoychivoy nervous system and without any problems exteriors.

The first St. Bernard appeared in our house in 1987. St. Bernard in my understanding - it is a big, powerful, somewhat squat on his feet a dog while moving at a trot productive and having a massive body to a very expressive head. And although the appearance of a dog inspires some fear (impressive size + mordahi serious expression), true or when the St. Bernard would not hurt a child and very uzhivchiv with other animals. Nurture and grow this colossus of the dog world is not so difficult and very exciting, but it requires certain knowledge and skills. The main thing is to love and understand your dog and then ...... No problem.

French bulldogs in our nursery there in 2005 in the family moihkompanonov Marushkin Helena and Sergey.


These dogs are very active and curious, love outdoor games, very sociable and smart. Their eyes - it's pool of intelligence and love for his master - a man, but the general form of simple touches and delights. Breeding program, Elena and build on the consolidation of the bloodlines of dogs Belgian nursery DE LA PARURE, because We really like these type of hvysokoklassnyh French and in front of us waiting for an exciting breeding with success and failures, but in this lies the whole interesv breeding of a species.

- How do you breed dogs in our kennel. -

In my opinion there is a huge difference between in breeding the breed and just breeding dogs of the breed with a pedigree.

- Duplication - is the progeny of the dogs of the breed "anyhow-what" or "anyway" what qualities, without any knowledge of bloodlines in the breed, without a clear image of the ideal representative of the breed, without striving to improve the breed, without zeal to winning at exhibitions .

- Breeding - it's insatiable commitment to continuous quality improvement of the exterior of dogs from generation to generation, getting high-class offspring for the shortest possible time, confidence in the victories of your breeding dogs for any expert. No breeding to breed without love, without knowledge, without intuition. Honesty and purity in breeding - above all, otherwise it is a crime against the breed.

- The price of puppies in our kennel. -

Price of a particular puppy depends only on its exterior level (matching the external features of the breed standard of the breed), proshozhdeniya (pedigree), behavioral traits (nature), rather than from the purse of the potential buyer.

- Puppy pet-class (it's pets, dogs are not for breeding and not for shows) cost 250-350 dollars.

- Puppy breed-class (for breeding and exhibition) are 350-700 dollars.

- Puppies show class (favorite shows) are 700 and more dollars and sold over the age of 8 months, but I did not when selling a dog as an exhibition, if you will not be sure of this at 200%.

I did when I will not extol the buyer a puppy, much less dictate, and honestly point out the cons in the exterior, and if you understand that the buyer knew nothing about the breed, then fully on the shelves expand all the pros and cons of a particular puppy (exterior, origin, nature), that the buyer was able to make their choice in the future was not disappointed in the dog.


We remember them .....

We continue to love .....

In a large nursery .... For many years ... , Unfortunately a lot of sad dates ........ .

But such is life ........ .

Hard for me to remember these dates and I do not want to see them on your site in the "Memorial". But I always remember and still love all my furry creatures, both large and small, who were walking side by side with me through life, shared with me grief and joy, and I have been boundlessly loyal to the end of his days.

An old Arab legend states that: When Allah created life on Earth - it is all measured the same number of years of life. But people want to live longer. Then his best friend - the dog - has agreed to give him some years, but instead asked for Allah's right, after his death to take away from his friend, a man a little part of his heart. So there she was warmer and not so boring waiting for your favorite host. That's why dogs - The kidnappers of our hearts.

It is believed that at the very edge of heaven is a place called the Bridge Padugi. Kogda animal dies, especially if it was really like someone in this life, it falls on the bridge Padugi. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunlight. And our friends are warm and comfortable. In this land of all the sick and old animals are transformed into young and full of energy, who were hurt or maimed are made whole again and powerful. Time flies for them, if only we remember them in our dreams, and dreams. The animals are happy and content, except for one - each of them left early and left in the life of someone very dear to him. On the bridge Padugi animals run and play together. But the day comes when one of them suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes and the body begins to tremble with anticipation. Suddenly he begins to run the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. He noticed you and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in embrace, happy that united and never to be parted. He will odurev from happiness to lick your face, your hands again caress the beloved head. And you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet. So long gone from your life but never absent from your serdtsa.Teper You will be able to cross the bridge Padugi together ...

Run over the rainbow, baby,
Frolic, shawls, play,
Above the clouds, above the roofs -
This dog's paradise.

You just take care of feet
And be careful!
Run over the rainbow, run,
And forget about the disease.


Let's not think about fate,
But just keep in mind:
Someday, and I've come
Over the rainbow come.


I will embrace with enthusiasm all
Those who managed to escape.
And the tears turn into laughter
On rainbow road.


And finally we are nothing
Will not be able to separate ...
Oh! I think I have something
In this world live!

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